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Every year it seems like we are hit with a football club being mistreated or taken for a ride by deluded owners, after a quick fix that care little for the fans and know sod all about the game. Yes, these owners bring investment but they seem to be more trouble than they are worth, literally.  Why do we continually see these imposter’s forcing their way into our club’s and effectively ruining them?

I am a Portsmouth fan and as you will know, we were the victims of these crimes ourselves and to this day, we are still finding it tough to move on. I won’t go into detail as I am sure you know and have been bored to death with the coverage we got! For a club like ours, with great history and tradition, to be put under the microscope from such basic errors and foul mismanagement was disgusting. The whole shambles made a mockery of the hard work and the great journey Portsmouth FC had made up the leagues. Our club nearly died because of these owner’s making promises and surprise surprise, not delivering. I would wish that our club would never be put in that position again, or any other club for that matter!

This is more of a plea than a blog – Please get rid of these foreign owners before the game loses its soul! I don’t care about the big named players the owners can supposedly bring in,we need to keep our clubs alive, especially with these tough economic times. These foreign owner’s seem to run club’s into even more debt leaving them worse off than they were before. British football needs British owners and I would like to think most football fans agree, even the ones who may be revelling in their riches at the moment.

By Mark Tomkinson – Pompy Fan

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One Response to On Your Bike Imposter

  1. Jack WBA says:

    Nice article Mark. Hope to see Pompy back in the prem soon!

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