January Transfer Window

From Geordie to Scouser

Quite frankly I’m beginning to get embarrassed by football and I could talk about it for days. There are so many things that are ticking me off and I’m getting fed up. All I find myself doing these days is complaining about most aspects of the game I love. In the next few weeks, you will find out what ticks me off and the odd subjects which make me lose faith in football these days. Here are my my views on this year’s January transfer window.

I’m going to start with Darren Bent. Now, in football I believe that if you want a certain player, you should buy him for a price which is respectable. Darren Bent going to Aston Villa for £18million rising to £24million made me laugh so much when I found out. I couldn’t believe it. He’s got a good goal scoring record, yes, but for the price you should be able to buy 2 or maybe even 3 goal scorers for that kind of money. But the question is, can you? Now, with Bent going to underachieving Aston Villa for £18million, you would have thought that will go down as the craziest deal of the window, but how I was wrong.

Moving on to Mr. Carroll now, I think he’s a good player. He’s a classic English centre forward but he has had his off the field problems, with Kevin Nolan adopting the 22 year old Newcastle man. I would have put a tag of £15million on him, as a maximum and you’d still be over paying, but Liverpool obviously seem to think he’s worth buying for £35million plus. As crazy as it sounds, on paper and without the actual figures involved, I believe Liverpool haven’t done too bad in letting unsettled Fernando Torres go and replacing him with Carroll and Luis Suarez while spending about £10million on all transactions, although, Carroll is a criminal and Suarez is hated for being a cheat at the World Cup. However, Mike Ashley must be rubbing his hands together. Newcastle have got a fantastic deal and WITH figures involved, Liverpool have massively overpaid. The figures baffle me and everyone else watching the craziest window on record. My main point is that I don’t think Suarez, Bent, Carroll and Torres are worth half of their transfer fees.

Blackpool’s Charlie Adam has been in the thick of things this month with Aston Villa, Liverpool and now even Manchester United interested. It will have hurt Ian Holloway very much when Adam handed in a transfer request, seeing as he has uncovered Adam’s quality and turned him into very hot property. Unsurprisingly the request was rejected. For me, Charlie Adam is a joy to watch. I wish there were more players like him. He’s hard working, tough, honest and he has that something called – quality. Personally, I think it would be best for Adam to stay at Blackpool, at least until the end of the season and then see if Sir Alex reiterates his interest in the summer.

I think every transfer deadline day gets more hyped up every window and if there wasn’t all the media coverage, half of the deals wouldn’t happen. Clubs do deals on deadline day for the sake of it and the media attention. Why did Liverpool leave it until 31st January to bid for Andy Carroll? Why not three weeks ago? I honestly believe it’s all for the cameras. I would have gone on to speak about Man City’s £27million man Edin Dzeko but, as it is about Manchester City, them spending a lot of money isn’t news.

I’ll save my rant on Blackpool’s £25,000 fine for the team they fielded against Aston Villa for another time.

By James England – Derby County fan


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