We’re Man Utd, We do What We’re Told!

Malcolm Glazer

“We’re Man Utd, we do what we want!”.

If you have been fortunate enough to visit the theatre of dreams this season, chances are you will have heard this chant ringing around the stands. The song is particularly vocal at times when a controversial refereeing decision goes the way of the home team, such as Nani’s “goal” against Spurs earlier this year.

The chant is meant to be a humorous reference towards the widely accepted notion that major decisions go the way of United more often than not. It suggests that we are above the laws of the game, that we do our own thing and do not allow minor inconveniences such as referees to stop us in our tracks. Yet I wonder how many of the Old Trafford faithful have spotted the irony in singing this song.

Cast your mind back to January 2010, a little over a year ago. Wayne Rooney had just bagged 4 goals against Hull City in a 4-3 victory and was the darling of Old Trafford. United were challenging on all fronts once again and all seemed well. It wasn’t…. in the same week it had been announced that the Glazers had been desperately trying to refinance by way of a bond issue. The true scale of the financial pickle Manchester United were in had been exposed and the fans were not happy. The brilliantly conceived green and gold campaign was in full effect and the atmosphere was electric as the fans really felt they were part of a revolution. We weren’t going to stand for this anymore. One way or another we were going to drive this leech out of here and regain control of our club!!

Back to the present day and  things are…well… pretty much the same, except for the fact that Mr. Rooney has been exposed for the mercenary fraud he is. Mr. Glazer, with his uncanny resemblance to a Leprechaun, is still collecting from his Old Trafford pot of gold. The bluster and militancy of revolution has disappeared and been replaced with grudging acceptance. The green and gold campaign has turned into an embarrassing parody of itself, with fans dressed in the latest replica shirt queuing to buy their protest scarf completely unaware of the mixed message they are giving.

When I attend Old Trafford next week I shall do so knowing that my ticket money is helping Malcolm Glazer to further strengthen his grip on my club. I may whinge and moan about the ownership issues but deep down inside I know I am part of the problem. You see I, like every other United season ticket holder, cannot bring myself to giving up my ticket. I enjoy it too much.

I continue to pay my money to Glazer, doing exactly what he wants me to do because I do not know how I would get through the working week without the promise of a trip to Old Trafford at the end of it.

There is only one person who does what he wants at Old Trafford and that is Malcolm Glazer. So the next time that chant is heard forgive me for not joining in. The hypocrisy is just too much.

By John Hall-Galley – Manchester United fan


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4 Responses to We’re Man Utd, We do What We’re Told!

  1. Red Ron says:

    Well said.

    Foreign owners should be allowed in the Premiership, let alone at Manchester United. Not how it was back in the day and arguably, football was better back then. Well… it was for me.

  2. Red Ron says:

    Should not*

  3. Stretty News says:

    Hi John,
    all I can say about that article, is that it’s absolutely spot on – nothing else I can say!

  4. John Hall-Galley says:

    Red Ron I completely agree with your comment. We should spend our time talking about the team and it’s performance, not ownership and politics!! Thanks for your comment Stretty News, it is much appreciated

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