Cesc: Barca on his mind

Fabregas and friends

So the spectacle that was Barcelona versus Arsenal ended in predictable fashion. For all the protestations of Wenger and others it was apparent to anybody who watched the game that the Van Persie sending off, however ridiculous it was, would have made no difference to the outcome. Barcelona are by far and away the most outstanding football team of a generation and will go on to win the Champions League barring an awful injury crisis or chronic loss of form.

That having been said, the Van Persie sending off acted as an absolute godsend for one particular member amongst the Arsenal ranks. The sending off took all the focus away from the main culprit of the night. That culprit? Cesc Fabregas.

If I was an Arsenal fan I would have been filled with rage at the conduct of Cesc Fabregas on Tuesday night for what I witnessed was one of the most selfish performances ever produced by an individual footballer.

From the moment Fabregas embraced each of the Barcelona players in the tunnel as though they were long lost brothers, it was apparent that this was going to be the Cesc Fabregas show. This was going to be all about Cesc proving his love for the Catalans and proving his worth to Pep Guardiola and the Barcelona hierarchy.

At one point after a robust challenge on Jack Wilshere, Fabregas decided to take on the role of peacemaker as others around him, Van Persie included, made moves to protect their colleague. Fabregas seemed overly focused on making sure he didn’t upset anyone at the Nou Camp through fear of ruining his “dream move.”

I would have expected my captain to be the first one arguing with the Barcelona players, ensuring the Spaniards were not allowed to take liberties with Wilshere, a player still in his formative years. After all the role of a captain is to lead and protect his team isn’t it?

That Fabregas would see himself as peacemaker is in itself out of kilter with his previous conduct. The man is no stranger to controversy, as his alleged role in “pizzagate” at Old Trafford many years ago and more recent bust ups with Mark Hughes and Brian Horton would seem to prove. Had Fabregas been playing on any other stage, against any other team, I would put good money on him being the first player to stick up for his young team mate.

The final, and perhaps most criminal act of selfishness by Fabregas was of course his ill advised back heel which led to the first goal for Barcelona. Fabregas, undoubtedly a world class talent, does not make mistakes like that, unless his mind is elsewhere. In an attempt to fit in with the Barcelona way of playing, his back heel was an act of crass irresponsibility and massive indulgence that cost his team dearly.

His team mates had every right to be angry at Cesc Fabregas on Tuesday night. Arsene Wenger had every right to be angry at Cesc Fabregas on Tuesday night, and all you “Gooners” had every right to be angry with Cesc Fabregas on Tuesday night. After all, it doesn’t usually take you long to turn on your own players for poor performance does it? I wonder what the reaction would have been had it been Emmanuel Eboue giving the ball away with that back heel!

By John Hall-Galley – Manchester United fan


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4 Responses to Cesc: Barca on his mind

  1. Gino says:

    SPOT ON!

  2. RedManc says:

    You have to be one of the most biased and, quite frankly, stupid United fans out there. And that is coming from one myself. This is nothing more than trolling and a big number of United ‘fans’ like you are only hating on arsenal because they are competitive in the league again.

    One bad performance doesnt make a bad player. How many times has Rooney had a poor game this season. And to comment on their fans when ours are awful too is really absurd.

    I bet you’ve never even been to OT. You give us a bad name.

    Get behind your team instead of slagging others.

  3. John Hall-Galley says:

    Red Manc thank you for your comments. For the record I am a season ticket holder at Old Trafford but quite why this is relevant when the article is about Cesc Fabregas is beyond me. Perhaps you could explain? Why do you feel the need to call me stupid based on this article? I completely agree with you that I am biased. Isn’t that a given when you follow a football team?

    I don’t believe that the article “hates on Arsenal” at all. The article is about Cesc Fabergas, not Arsenal football club.

    You are quite correct when you say one bad performance doesn’t make a bad player but at no point in the article did I say that Cesc Fabregas is a bad player, in fact, I acknowledge that he is world class.

    I am fully aware of the faults within the Manchester United support, I refer you to one of my previous articles regarding the Glazer situation as proof. My jibe at Arsenal fans was an attempt at banter in reference to an incident a few seasons back where the whole crowd began to boo Eboue for his poor performance. To my knowledge, and certainly since i’ve been a match goer, an Old Trafford crowd has not booed one of it’s own for poor performance. Wayne Rooney gets stick for his conduct in his contract negotiations and not for poor form but as you are a Manchester United fan i’m sure I don’t need to explain this to you.

    What were your opinions on Fabregas the other night? Did you feel he was fully focused on the job in hand? You seem like somebody who knows their football. Perhaps you should submit an article to the website too. I’m sure the editor would be grateful for your contribution.

  4. JACKY WAN says:

    Being a Gresham Grasshoppers season ticket holder i have no opinion in this matter, all footballers are overpaid, especially the likes of Rooney and Fabregas. If a player doesn’t perform he should be dropped simple.
    Yes Fabregas had a crap game, maybe because of his catalan routes, or maybe just because he had a shite game. Is that aloud?
    Yes Mr manc, you should get behind your team 100 percent, and im sure like every other PAYING season ticket holder what’s around the country mr hall-galley does. And mr manc as for slagging of another club. What is the point in being a football fan if we can’t have banter. At the end of the day that is what most sport is based around. I would agree back your team 100 percent, but if you cant slag off another team or player then whats the point. you would have one view on everything. E.G united are the best FACT! Where as at the moment Gresham probably play better football than united, they have been shite most of the season.

    maybe he claims that mr hall galley gives united a bad name, maybe mr manc is wrong, people with one view are just like city fans, bitter! if we dont win sure you back the team, but god forbid you got 5 years without silverware!!!!! Try 35 years!!!!! hahahahahahaha city.

    up the Gresham
    WE hate Bodham!!!!!

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