Hughes loss?

It seemed a pretty safe decision to leave right after the Arsenal game and head for the continent for some R & R – a respectable league position in the bag, European football scarcely 2 months away and a first real transfer window for Hughes to stamp his mark. Wrong again!

But when the initial ‘shock’ passed – which it did very quickly – Hughes’s ‘soldier of fortune’ decision really should come as no surprise. The real surprise is how us Fulham fans do it to ourselves over-and-over-and-over again in wanting to believe that our love for Football (and Fulham) is matched in quality by today’s professional footballers and clubs. (Whether it ever was is a whole other question also worthy of some consideration – but this is not the place or time.)

A very good friend of mine, who advises football clubs, recently told me he tells all but the Top 6 clubs not to even attempt to get into that top tier as it is in effect a ‘mugs game’. Hughes wants to manage ‘A Biggie’. Not wanting to spend another season out of the football spotlight last July he decides to use Fulham a shop window to display his talents. Job done, time to move on as per the bigger picture. ‘Simples’ from his perspective, somewhat harsh from ours but to expect anything else is the equivalent to leaving home in the morning and expecting to find a £50 note on the pavement.

Life would be some much easier for us fans if we could only accept that we are first-and-foremost paying customers. But we can’t – so like any junkie we have to accept that we will be shafted by our pusher every now and again – and again.

By Eric Wilton – Fulham fan

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