The curious case of Cesc Fabregas

For the previous two summers, questions have been asked about the future of Francesc Fabregas at Arsenal. Will he leave or will he stay at Arsenal? It’s a question that has been on on many peoples lips.

Fabregas, its been well documented already, was product of the Barcelona youth academy before joining Arsenal as a 16-year-old in 2003 with Giovanni Van Bronckhorst going the other way as part of the deal. Many have questioned the reason Fabregas decided to leave Barcelona at the start of his career, anyway. The answer is – the lack of opportunities he’d have been given had he stayed. Would he have got ahead of Xavi, who was just reaching his prime at the age of 24 when Fabregas, Arsenal’s youngest debutant, first broke into the Arsenal side after Patrick Vieira left for Juventus in 2005.

You can answer that For yourself but in my opinion, I believe the answer to that is – no. Although Cesc joined Arsenal in 2003, it was a time when arsenal were, arguably, a better side than Barcelona with world-class talent in abundance. Players such as: Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Ashley Cole were all rated very highly. As for Fabregas, Arsène Wenger saw him as the future of Arsenal Football Club, with him at the forefront and Wenger building a side around him, winning trophies was a very real prospect.

Cesc Fabregas is a product of Barcelona’s famous La Masia which has produced players such as: Puyol, Xavi and Lionel Messi. A few Barca players haven’t been shy recently, claiming Fabregas has Barcelona DNA. However, Let’s look at the facts. Arsenal have been key to the reason why Fabregas is renowned as one of the best midfielders in world football today, in fact, even though Cesc had a forgetful 2010/11 campaign, he still had the highest amount of assists in Europe. Facts like that prove that Arsenal is the club where he has flourished and, as he has said many times before, loves. So why don’t people claim he has Arsenal DNA (don’t say it’s because he was born in Barcelona)?

The way Barcelona started their pursuit of Francesc Fabregas was with no respect to Arsenal whatsoever. They tapped Cesc up with players from Barcelona claiming he wanted to leave the London club and that Arsenal were forcing him to stay against his will. Do Barcelona feel that because they are Kings of Europe, they don’t have to abide by the rules? Rightly so, Arsenal considered reporting Barcelona to FIFA.

Sulking Gallas

Arsene Wenger made Fabregas captain of Arsenal following the drama of William Gallas – that’s another story in itself. Wenger built a team around Cesc, but in that time, we haven’t won a trophy for six years – have you heard about that?!

Cesc has shown a lot of professionalism towards Arsenal in the last six years, especially considering he hasn’t gone public like: Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Luka Modric have done.

After the World Cup in South Africa, which Fabregas’ Spain won, the Barcelona rumours started, again. Many thought the case was closed with it being announced that Barcelona were in a massive amount of debt meaning they couldn’t afford Fabregas. Their main target was thought to be Alexis Sanchez, who they have now signed, which could have meant no apparent funds left to spend on Fabregas. But, apparently, that isn’t the case.

Barcelona have received a large amount of money by their first ever sponsors – the Qatar Foundation meaning they can afford to buy Cesc Fabregas. Developments have started over past couple of days with Pep Guardiola announcing that Barcelona had made an offer to Arsenal with a ‘decision deadline’ set for August 31st.

Barcelona have claimed that Cesc is their main priority and that they’ll fight till the end to bring Cesc ‘back home’ to Catalonia. They’ve also said they need a striker – can’t they just make their mind up?!

If Cesc Fabregas leaves Arsenal, it’ll not be the end, but instead, be a new beginning for The Gunners. When Thierry Henry left for Barcelona in 2007, many said Arsenal wouldn’t be able to cope, but they in fact challenged on most fronts and almost won the league. Arguably, we would have claimed the title had it not been for the unfortunate leg break of Eduardo which, apparently, affected the motivation of the team.

It’s a bit of a cliche, but no player is bigger than the club. A club will always be there even if one of its main figures departs. I say, good luck to Cesc Fabregas if he decides to return to Barcelona this summer, he has been a loyal and dedicated captain for the club but essentially, we can cope without him. One player doesn’t stop a club from moving forward, unless he is replaced.

By Ololade Esuruoso – Arsenal fan –  @OllieHPP


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8 Responses to The curious case of Cesc Fabregas

  1. Tim Lloyd says:

    Good article.
    I think there’s no doubt that Arsenal will still do well without Cesc (maybe even better as he isn’t a leader imo so a new captain will rejuvenate the team) but the only thing that I worry about is that Arsenal will then be seen as selling club and not one of the big guns that challenge for honours on a european scale. Wegner needs to install some steel in the side and imo Cesc isn;t a battler so if the offer is good and he wants to go I’d get rid.

  2. Peter says:

    From a tactical perspective, selling Cesc is the right thing to do. First of all, the use of Cesc does have it’s downsides in the offense. His role has developed into something similar that Henry had in the last two seasons. ALL play goes through Cesc, and apparently the players has gotten used to that. This means, that if the opponent manages to close Cesc down, we become frustrated, we lack ideas and the creativity is gone. And with the number of (hampstring) injuries that Cesc runs into, we are really affected by this. Second of all on a 3-man midfield, Cesc simply doesn’t contribute enough in the defensive work. He often put a high pressure (along with the front man), but once opponents manage to play through them, the two other midfielders are left outnumbered. Selling Cesc will give us the opportinity to restructure the midfield.

  3. Swagadore says:

    How many spots are there in a midfield? one? Xavi was there in midfield when he left, who else was there? lol Edmilson? Is Edmilson the reason why Cesc left? Let’s not forget that Iniesta was a converted central midfielder, he wasn’t played there until much later.. There wasn’t a group of young central midfielders when he left to suggest he would have been blocked. Thiago now faces a whole load more competition, yet he stays..

    Why does Cesc go?

    You make the argument Arsenal were better than Barca then, he jumped ship to where the lights were brighter the grass was greener.. Why does he want to go back to Barcelona again? He wants to jump ship to where the lights are brighter! and where the grass is GREENER!

    Cesc won the best player at the u17’s and was top scorer … AT 15!! lol.. If Arsenal made Cesc then why don’t they just make another one, if Everton made Rooney why can’t they just make another one? When you have a club producing loads of these players regularly then perhaps..
    but, one off talents can be scouted at 8 with great skill and just fulfill their potential.

    Cesc fulfilled his potential at Arsenal, he saw the Invincibles, he wanted to be part of it, if he is so great he would want to stay and cretate a similar team at Arsenal but, perhaps due to Wenger’s less ambitious approach he wants to move on to hang on to the coat-tails of another succesful team. If Barca were in crisis he wouldn’t want to leave.

    Arsenal are full of players that are leaving because they want to win trophies and think they are good enough yet, they don’t believe they can do it at Arsenal, can I blame the players? No?
    Wenger has said that he doesn’t prioritise trophies, Arsenal are fast becoming a long running joke. I don’t know who to blame.. I think it’s Wenger’s fault, now loads of the better players want out, hell.. even the lesser players do

  4. Interesting Article. Feels as if you have been writing for years and not your first article.

    Strangely this is the first season that i am going into the season with trepidation and feeling suspect about our team.

    Anyways games that am not sure Arsenal would win (Barcelona, Chelsea, manU) we ended up walloping the opposition, so maybe its a good thing getting into the season with trepidation

  5. Tim Lloyd: Thank you for the Feedback.. I also believe they’ll do well without Cesc and your right, He isn’t a Leader like Viera, Adam and etc. were… nor was Henry, I think wenger has chose the wrong captain for the last 6 seasons… That is what we’ve missed. Yeah, If he wants to go, He is free to do so, I also believe building the team around Ramesy and Wilshere is we need to do

    Peter: Thank you for the Feedback… Definitely, Arsenal Seem to have no Outlet in there attacks compared when we had the attacking trio of Freddie/Wiltord – Henry – Pires… Times have changed.. Like i said to Tim, building the team round the next generation is the right thing to do if cesc leaves..

    Swagdore: Thank you for the Feedback… What i said about the reason on cesc left is based on cesc said himself, he saw the lack opportunities, remember, Barcelona had many young midfielder coming through at the same time as cesc during that time. Your right, Barcelona are the better side now, and due to arsenal’s lack of success and

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