The Premier League vs La Liga

Poor baby

The last few years, and certainly in the near future, looks to belong to Spanish football. With Spain winning the World Cup in South Africa, Barcelona strolling to the Champions League and the Spanish Under 21’s making it a treble this past summer, this generation of football looks to belong to La Furia Roja’. This begs the question as to whether La Liga is the best footballing league in the world; despite the claims the English Premier League is by far the best league around.

One reason in particular which puts myself and many others off watching the eye catching technical football of La Liga, is the constant diving, play acting and surrounding of referees. Many seasons I have contemplated getting into Spanish football, watching it week in, week out like I do with the English, however 90 minutes or so of any match in La Liga, puts me off watching any other match, regardless of the style of fluent football played.

Agreed, the diving and moaning does go on in our Premier League, but nowhere near to the extent of the Spanish. I’m sure anyone in the world would rather watch Messi, Villa and Ronaldo over Rooney, Tevez and Bent, and perhaps the three foreign players mentioned are not the worst for the play acting. But it is the likes of Carles Puyol and Sergio Busquets in particular who, without question are good players, but it is the other side of their game which is ruining them and this type of behaviour is only supporting the claims that the Premier League is the best league in the world.

Without question, I would rather watch the football of the Spanish, as the national team and the Catalans have proved that it is successful. But with this comes all the extras, something that you do not get half as much as in England, only passion for the game and players giving 100%, with the likes of Jamie Carragher and John Terry, simply defending, and leaving the attacking play and theatrics to the forward players.

Maybe this season I will give La Liga another try, but I am pretty sure the outcome will be the same, and I will be back watching the best league in the world – The Premier League!

Which league will you be watching mostly this upcoming season and why?

By Calvin Critchley – @calvin_pne


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8 Responses to The Premier League vs La Liga

  1. Joe (Oxford) says:

    I cannot stand watching Spanish or Italian football.
    Spanish because of the constant attempts of cheating the ref and Italian because it’s painfully boring.

    I remember BBC 3 showed the Milan derby and there was no urgency at all. Like watching Arsenal losing 1 – 0 and passing it around the defense!

  2. Tim Lloyd says:

    The ironic thing with the Premier League saying it is the best league in the world is because the game has actually become more ‘European’ in it’s style!
    There is also the so called ‘fast pace’ of the Premiership that Sky sells and everyone over here seems to buy but how is this judged? I’ve watched plenty of slow paced games in the Prem. This is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence with the fear of losing becoming more and more prevalent in the english game due to the huge financial stakes on offer. On the flipside I’ve seen PLENTY of amazing end to end La Liga and Serie A games in recent times and they have generally been played with better football. None of this pushing Samba upfront for the last 15 mins to get some action going……….
    If you like football and know your football then you know La Liga is the best league in the world. If you think the prem is then
    1) you don’t watch enough La Liga
    2) You have lapped up all the Sky marketing

    Watch a mid table La Liga game and then Stoke vs. Bolton and come back to me on what was a better watch.
    Follow me on twitter @tim_lloyd1

    • Tim my point wasn’t about the pace of the Premier League compared to La Liga, if it was then I agree La Liga wins hands down. The football they play is how it should be played, hence why I would like Arsenal to win the Premier League (not an Arsenal fan by the way), but the theatrics and the constant moaning is what puts me off every time, regardless of the positions of both teams. One thing you won’t get when watching Stoke vs Bolton is diving and play acting. In fact, we may be undermining Bolton, as since Owen Coyle has come in some of the goals they have scored are of real quality, and are trying to play football the way football should be played.

      Calvin Critchley.

  3. We’ve received a response to this article. Here’s the link –

  4. Tim Lloyd says:

    Hi Calvin
    Yeah I know what you mean, I hate the diving as well but let’s not be blinded by the fact that it doesn’t happen in the prem. It does……. alot……yes you don’t get the pathetic rolling around and acting like you’ve been shot, but you do get the diving and cheating. It has become part of the modern game and is one which I hate and actually think ruins it and takes the soul out of the worlds greatest sport.
    Still I’d take the odd dive to watch the kind of technique and touch on show in La Liga over the prem.

  5. HS Dropout says:

    Two questions are in order here. What league is more entertaining as a sport spectacle, and which league is better? The first question is a perfect question with no perfect answer. How can anyone really say that particular league is more fun to watch than another, and if they do make a claim it is totally a biased.
    The second question is a lot simpler to answer. Here are my points.
    1. When was the last time England won a world cup?
    2. When was the last time any English team won any world competition event at any age level?
    3. When was the last time an English team won UEFA in a dominating manner. Did they consistently challenge the for the title?
    4. When was the last time an English team won Europe?
    5. When was the last time England National Team won the European Cup?

    My final comment is. What does England have to do to compete? They don’t export players, all they focus on is importing talent, which eventually beat them at the World stage. My point is England needs to understand and accept that the PL it is not the best league in the world and the records prove it. On stats alone England wouldn’t even be in the top 10.

  6. stefan petrescu says:

    Saying you wont watch La Liga for the dives and complaints is like saying you wont watch TV cause of commercials… It happens in soccer everywhere now whether EPL fanboys admit it or not, it sucks I know but its a fact of life. The only thing you can do is hope for a good ref, ignore it, and enjoy the soccer when it is being played. That is why I watch more La Liga than EPL, im perfectly happy to ignore the whining so that I can watch amazing, creative soccer. And I agree with the statement earlier that a game between two lower teams in La Liga is by FAR more entertaining than a game between two lower teams in the EPL.

    On a side note for people who argue that EPL teams are more evenly matched and there are more contenders for the league title in the EPL, your insane. Look at the last 20 years of EPL and La Liga. More teams have won the La Liga champion title than have won the EPL.

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