Have A Natter

Let it all out…


10 Responses to Have A Natter

  1. Tim Lloyd says:

    Can’t believe that the snow has come to ruin my footie fix for the weekend!!! Already loads of games have been cancelled……..The footballing gods need to put a stop to this snowing on Friday business.

  2. Take it you support a team who is unable to clear the snow off the pitch or have the luxury of under soil heating?! If that’s the case, then your football fix may have to come from the TV this weekend! Save the beers for next weekend’s game..

  3. Tommy says:

    The snow needs to melt sharpish, I have a match to attend! Interesting to see what happens in the premier league in the coming weeks. Chelsea will be back no doubt but I am just hoping Man United can beat them before that rise happens! MASSIVE GAME

  4. Mark says:

    I’m just hoping Chelsea crumble. Apologies to any Chelsea fans but let’s be honest, your not too respectful and gracious yourselves 🙂

  5. Jack WBA says:

    Hopefully our christmas present will be to get some fucking games on! The snow has run its cause now, time for it to melt so we can carry on with our lives 😉 BAGGIES!

  6. Aruna Arsenal says:

    Nice work Arsenal! Chelsea had nothing. Where was Drogba? United and Arsenal will now battle it out for the title with Chelsea playing catch up, just how it should be!

  7. Scunny Man says:

    Chelsea have problems, not very often we hear that. Ancelotti will turn it around though. I am more interested in Scunthorpe United anyway but still, its nice to see the premiership have more than 1-2 teams challenging for the title.

  8. Mancy Mark says:

    Premiership will be coming home to Manchester this season! Amazing decline by Chelsea and occasional slip ups by Arsenal, City and Spurs stands us in a good stead! Still unbeaten remember! UNITED!

  9. Oliver Pantsil says:

    Come on you lilywhites!!

    Kakuta, sidwell, wright-philips (hopefully) – hughes is building the fringe up. All we need now is another left back as salcido was a massive flop

  10. Loif Like says:

    What a terrible season for Chelsea..

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